Our dry cleaning process is so gentle we can clean even the most delicate garments.

We invested in the best, modern shirt equipment money can buy because your shirts can never look too good!

Whom should you trust with your memories? We at Acme Cleaners recognize the value of your investment. The process of cleaning, pressing, and preserving your gown requires the utmost care and sensitivity.


When we process a wedding gown we rely on years of experience to carefully consider the appropriate method for handling each gown. We have learned that this particular service cannot be taken to seriously. You can be confident that your memories will be safe with Acme!

Over time, pillows tend to become flat, or lose their bounce, regardless of the filling. They disintegrate, leaving dust.


Our machine can clean and return the bounce to your pillows. It uses an ozone emitting germicidal light to kill bacteria, sanitize, and deodorize the filling. 

At the end of the cycle all the filling is blown back into a new, 100% cotton feather and down proof ticking. 

Laundry services include: separation, wash, dry and folding of your clothing. Socks rematched and placed in your own personal tote. Two convenient sizes two loads for individual or four loads for a family.

Draperies, pillows, bedspreads and comforters we do it all. I n addition we clean dolls, stuffed animals, small to medium area rugs, costumes, hats and…. well you get the picture.

While almost every dry cleaner in the world sends their leather out to be cleaned we can proudly say that we’ve been cleaning and refinishing leather successfully for almost 70 years.


So if you are not comfortable sending your fine leather goods out to someone you don’t know, consider Acme, the leather cleaning experts!

Learn more about Acme Cleaners long history of service to Muskegon and the Lakeshore community!

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